The following is a beautifully written testimonial from a former collegiate hockey star. With his permission, we’d like to share his experience.

It has been a long recovery road for me dealing with and battling my mental health and addiction. I am a survivor. When I came to the Ranch, Melony welcomed me with open arms and said “Welcome Home”, and I felt at home. Melony and Shanni literally saved my life and made me a better person. Melony and Shanni are truly second moms to me, and I love them like a son would. 

I was lost and The Ranch changed my life for the better. Melony is the hard stern tough love kind of mom and reminds me of a head hockey coach. Shanni is always there to pick up the pieces and put you back together like an assistant hockey coach would. Melony and Shanni have an open door policy, and that’s exactly what I needed. 

I attended the program for 6 months and let go of a lot of demons I was struggling with through The Healing Grace Program. My counselors Randi and Tammy at the Healing Grace program changed me and molded me for who I am today. My 1 on 1 meetings with Melony and Shanni changed my life and I knew I could keep going and they gave me encouragement like a mom or hockey coach would. 

I knew if Mark Pavelich loved this place I could too. The program works when you let go, let God help, and battle. The program is vast, has various classes that will fit your style for recovery, and will help you heal. Coming from a big hockey family background I know The Ranch will be an incredible place for future athletes to call home and a safe haven to heal.

 In addition little did I know the Veterans were just like hockey players! Tough, gritty, loyal, funny and WARRIORS! I stayed at the “Cathouse” and it was really fun there. The Veterans helped remind me a lot of my days in a hockey locker room and it was all about teamwork and helping your teammates out. We had so many laughs, good times and heart-to-heart conversations. 

I made lifelong friends at the Ranch and Eagle’s Healing Nest and will always respect our Veterans to the fullest. I will always be so grateful for The Ranch to take my phone call when I was at rock bottom and I felt I had no one else to call or place to go.