It’s been a long recovery road for me dealing with mental health. I am 100% certain I couldn’t have made a recovery without the help of the Ranch.

I learned about the Ranch through Clint Marlarchuk and his persistence in helping me and and down right caring for me when I was at my lowest

I went to the Ranch with limited knowledge of the facility. On my arrival meeting the caring staff from top to bottom was Incredible, the passion and the caring was exactly what I needed without and judgement of past mishaps. Shanni the housing director was the first one I met and she made me feel at home. and Mel the eagles nest director did the same.

From the place I stayed “Dog House” and the housing manager Brain was a perfect fit. I still remain in contact with my rookies to this day. It really does start with your housemates, zero judging, and the love they show in your personal recovery is what helps. The group chats and stories shared between people really touched me and opened my eyes to believe I wasn’t alone anymore with my struggles. Also, the accountability to perform tasks and chores to one another in the upkeep of your living and grounds gives you purpose and self-gratitude as well. From there the program that’s available to you is amazing and can be tailor-made for your personal journey. I personally was involved with Healing Grace, AA, NA, and then Smart Recovery. The property always held many events to help with other aspects of life and made the journey back to outside living more easy. Healing is a program in which you get back what you put into it. It’s a program that is very intense and pushes emotions to the top and the knowledgeable counseling helps deal one-on-one with your trauma.

I can’t say enough about this place and the staff that make it happen will remain dear to my heart and kids for returning me to them.