My mom’s 91-year-old body is giving out, but her mind is still sharp.  She shared some memories from the past, like this one:

Herb was all excited when he called Mark.  He had just gotten hired as head coach for the New York Rangers!  “Pav, I’m taking you with me!”

Back then you couldn’t stray too far from the phone when waiting for a call.  Mom remembers Mark pacing the floor, anxiously awaiting a call from Herb. There was an important meeting with the Ranger’s executives that day.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the phone finally rang. When Mark hung up, he was grinning from ear-to-ear.  “I’m a New York Ranger, Mom!”  

Dave Brooks recalled that Herb had some convincing to do to get Mark into the NHL.  “But, Herb, he’s only 170 pounds!”

Herb replied, “Oh, that’s just the size of his heart…”

For more stories from Mark’s mom, check back with us!

~ Jean Pavelich Gevik

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