Brian and Theresa Raduenz have been two of the biggest supporters of The Ranch. Their generosity in helping others has been appreciated by many.

When Mark sold his 1980 Olympic Gold Medal, Brian bought it.

Jean remembers her mom’s response to learning about Brian having the medal. “We think Mark would have loved knowing that his medal went there. Growing up in the same neighborhood, they played together. Mark really liked Brian. Mom recalls them playing in ponds and streams looking for frogs”.

When supporting the newest Hall of Honor Program in connection with the United States Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, Pat Forte was honored for his character and bravery. Brian had this to say:

“Pat was my friend and linemate in High School. Despite difficult injuries, he went on to play College Hockey and became a High School hockey coach in numerous Minnesota cities. He succumbed to a rare form of cancer after an 11-year battle, and 11 years after the doctors told him he had 6 months to live. I started a foundation, the Iron Ranger Foundation, in large part due to the inspiration he provided as a person and as a friend and mentor to so many young people. He will be truly missed and is a perfect candidate as an honoree. He is also a Spirit of Life Awardee”.