Mark Introduced our family to fishing in the BWCA – miles and miles of Minnesota wilderness. The lakes are connected by paths/portages and you throw your canoe on your back and hike to the next lake. Well, the first time Mark and I were fishing partners (Larry stayed home with the kids), he said he’d do our packing.

When we got to the first portage, he said, “Jean, I’ll take the backpack – it’s 100 pounds (he had weighed it). I’ve also got the canoe. All you have is my rod…but please make sure you don’t break the tip”.

I was happy, but not for long. First of all, I think the rod was 20 feet long. Someone in New York had promised him fishing gear to do an interview, so it was custom-made. Although I did my best, that rod got caught on every tree and bush we passed. Thankfully, he had a canoe over his head, so he didn’t see me tugging.

Then came a huge disappointment. When we got to the campsite, he opened up the backpack. Instead of some much-anticipated food, Mark unloaded a frypan, oil, Fry Magic and a bunch of free weights. He was conditioning for hockey!

We survived, but after that, I did the packing.

Jean Pavelich Gevik