Mark rarely had enough time to get home to northern Minnesota for the holidays during the NHL season. Fortunately, he had friends like Ron Greschner who invited him over so he wouldn’t spend the time alone. When asked if he remembers any time that particularly stood out, Ron recalled this Thanksgiving Day.

“I think it was 1983 or 84. I have a 200-year-old farm house upstate New York on 120 acres. The house has a few big fireplaces that you can almost stand in. We were cooking the turkey and the power went out and the turkey was only about an hour into cooking. We had no idea what to do.”

“Well, Pav said he’d take care of it. He gets the turkey and other food that was in the stove and moves it all to the the fireplaces and cooks everything in there. It was the best turkey I have ever eaten for Thanksgiving! There was Pav saving the day and made it a day for us all to remember. He was just a remarkable guy. I spent a lot of time with him and loved him for being so down-to-earth.” – Ron Greschner